Lucas "曹 " IAE國際學士院 AI產學全球高級顧問 台大電機系 美國南加大電機博士

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日期:2020/11/20   IAE 報導

曹博士 IAE國際學士院 AI人工智能產學全球顧問 台大電機系 美國南加大電機博士


Lucas曹恩碩畢業於美國南加州大學電機所博士;專長於Big Data/Deep Learning/Machine Learning/神經網路/計量/訊號處理等領域,垂直涵蓋了硬韌體、DSP、人工智慧與Hybrid Cloud、Blockchain、IOT;水平則涵蓋了不同的產業的應用。
 Lucas先後服務於美國Broadcom(美國博通公司)、MSA(美國梅思安設備公司)與IBM(國際商業機器公司)等世界知名企業任職,擔任多年技術主管職務,負責過大韓航空智慧引擎與Chevorn石油公司智慧油田計畫,也曾領導TCCI 贏得TCSA創新成長獎 Lucas曾任Chief Data Scientist, Lead PM, Business Development, Technical Strategist, AI Director 


 Lucas holds a Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, USA focusing on Machine Learning and Digital Signal Processing(DSP), specially for Communication, Audio, Video and Image application. His Bachelor degree is from dept. of EE, National Taiwan University and has 16+ years foreign experience. 

He has 12+ years’ Data Science experience covering fault prediction, cognitive solution, pattern recognition and com/multimedia/sensor data processing in cross-industry environment (Communication/Airline/Oil/IOT/Semiconductor). He mainly served as Chief Data Scientist, Solution Architect and PM. 
Lucas joined TCCI as Director of AI Innovation Division Jan 14th, 2019. Prior to that, he did AI strategy as Tech Solution Architect in COM/CSI market in IBM USA since  2016. Before IBM, he worked as Scientist at Broadcom on the 4G LTE AP SOC. He then led the data scientists at MSA to develop Neural Network/Deep Learning solution. He also pitched and executed smart data analytics project with Chevron and Korean Airline. He is specialized in multidisciplinary project management, data story-telling, and technical standardization.
Expertise/Key Words:
Machine Learning/Deep Learning, AI, Predictive Model, Fault Diagnosis, Recommendation System, NLP, 
Communication, Multimedia: Image/Audio/Speech/Video, Sensor Data
IOT, Embedded System, DSP, SW, FW Development, Server HW
C/C++, Matlab, Python, R, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Hadoop, TensorFlow, HDFS
Algorithm and Standard Delegate
Industry: Com, Airline, Oil, IOT, Semiconductor, Hardware