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美國達到 70% 的疫苗接種率 - 在激增的情況下晚了一個月


US hits 70% vaccination rate -- a month late, amid a surge


 美聯社報導 週一,美國終於實現了總統喬·拜登 (Joe Biden) 的目標,即至少向 70% 的美國成年人注射 COVID-19 的目標——晚了一個月,而 delta 變體的猛烈激增正在席捲醫院並導致新的口罩規則和全國強制接種疫苗。

AP The U.S. on Monday finally reached President Joe Biden’s goal of getting at least one COVID-19 shot into 70% of American adults -- a month late and amid a fierce surge by the delta variant that is swamping hospitals and leading to new mask rules and mandatory vaccinations around the country.



在南部腹地的一次重大撤退中,路易斯安那州命令幾乎所有人,無論是否接種疫苗,在包括學校和大學在內的所有室內公共場所再次戴上口罩,其他城市和州也採取行動恢復預防措施,以應對因禁食引發的危機- 傳播變異和對獲得疫苗的頑固抵抗。

In a major retreat in the Deep South, Louisiana ordered nearly everyone, vaccinated or not, to wear masks again in all indoor public settings, including schools and colleges And other cities and states likewise moved to reinstate precautions to counter a crisis blamed on the fast-spreading variant and stubborn resistance to getting the vaccine.


“我們盡快讓他們出院,他們進來了,而且病得很重。我們開始看到整個家庭都倒下,”邁阿密浸信會醫院首席醫療官塞爾吉奧·塞加拉 (Sergio Segarra) 博士感嘆道。佛羅里達州醫療中心連鎖店報告稱,在過去兩週內,現在因該病毒住院的人數增加了 140% 以上。

“As quickly as we can discharge them they’re coming in and they’re coming in very sick. We started seeing entire families come down,” lamented Dr. Sergio Segarra, chief medical officer of Baptist Hospital Miami. The Florida medical-center chain reported an increase of over 140% in the past two weeks in the number of people now hospitalized with the virus.



拜登在 7 月 4 日之前設定了 70% 的疫苗接種目標。這個數字是政府對在美國實現群體免疫所需條件的初步估計的低端,但由於高度傳染性的 delta 變體使病毒捲土重來,這已經不夠了。

Biden had set a vaccination goal of 70% by the Fourth of July. That figure was the low end of initial government estimates for what would be necessary to achieve herd immunity in the U.S. But that has been rendered insufficient by the highly contagious delta variant, which has enabled the virus to come storming back.



There was was no celebration at the White House on Monday, nor a setting of a new target, as the administration instead struggles to overcome skepticism and outright hostility to the vaccine, especially in the South and other rural and conservative areas.


美國仍未實現政府在 7 月 4 日之前為 1.65 億美國成年人全面接種疫苗的另一個目標。目前還差 850 萬。

The U.S. still has not hit the administration’s other goal of fully vaccinating 165 million American adults by July 4. It is about 8.5 million short.


過去一個月,美國每天的新病例增加了六倍,平均接近 80,000 例,這是自 2 月中旬以來的最高水平。過去兩週每天的死亡人數從平均 259 人攀升至 360 人。

New cases per day in the U.S. have increased sixfold over the past month to an average of nearly 80,000, a level not seen since mid-February. And deaths per day have climbed over the past two weeks from an average of 259 to 360.


這些仍遠低於 1 月份爆發最嚴重時期的 3,400 例死亡和每天 25 萬例病例。但全國一些地方的病例數達到自大流行開始以來的最高水平。現在幾乎所有死亡和嚴重疾病都發生在未接種疫苗的人群中。

Those are still well below the 3,400 deaths and a quarter-million cases per day seen during the worst of the outbreak, in January. But some places around the country are watching caseloads reach their highest levels since the pandemic began. And nearly all deaths and serious illnesses now are in unvaccinated people.



The surge has led states and cities across the U.S. to beat a retreat, just weeks after it looked as if the country was going to see a close-to-normal summer.



Health officials in San Francisco and six other Bay Area counties announced Monday they are reinstating a requirement that everyone — vaccinated or not — wear masks in public indoor spaces.


紐約州州長安德魯·庫莫 (Andrew Cuomo) 表示,紐約市機場和過境工作人員將必須接種疫苗或每週接受檢測。他沒有強制要求公眾戴口罩或接種疫苗,稱他沒有這樣做的法律授權。

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York City airport and transit workers will have to get vaccinated or face weekly testing. He stopped short of mandating either masks or inoculations for the general public, saying he lacks legal authority to do so.



Denver’s mayor said the city will require police officers, firefighters and certain other municipal employees to get vaccinated, along with workers at schools, nursing homes, hospitals and jails.



Minnesota’s public colleges and universities will require masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. New Jersey said workers at state-run nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals and other such institutions must get the shot or face regular testing.



North Carolina’s governor ordered state employees to cover up indoors if they are not fully vaccinated.


白宮新聞秘書 Jen Psaki 表示,全國范圍內的疫苗接種要求“不在討論範圍內”,但指出雇主有權採取這樣的措施。

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said a nationwide vaccination requirement “is not on the table,” but noted that employers have the right to take such a step.



The U.S. Senate saw its first disclosed breakthrough case of the virus, with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina saying he has mild symptoms.


在佛羅里達州,去年夏天,醫院裡感染 COVID-19 的人數用了兩個月的時間從 2,000 人躍升至 10,000 人。佛羅里達州醫院協會主席瑪麗·梅休說,今年夏天,佛羅里達州的醫院只用了 27 天就看到了同樣的增長。

In Florida, it took two months last summer for the number of people in the hospital with COVID-19 to jump from 2,000 to 10,000. It took only 27 days this summer for Florida hospitals to see that same increase, said Florida Hospital Association President Mary Mayhew.


她還指出,這一次,96% 的住院 COVID-19 患者未接種疫苗,而且他們的年齡要小得多,其中許多人只有 20 多歲和 30 多歲。

She noted also that this time, 96% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients are unvaccinated and they are far younger, many of them in their 20s and 30s.


在激增的情況下,共和黨州長羅恩·德桑蒂斯 (Ron DeSantis) 在周末的一封籌款電子郵件中警告說:“他們再次為你的自由而來。”

Amid the surge, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis doubled down on his anti-mask, anti-lockdown stance, warning in a fundraising email over the weekend: “They’re coming for your freedom again.”


雖然設定全國疫苗接種目標可能有助於激發人們對疫苗的熱情,但 70% 的美國人接種疫苗永遠不足以防止未接種疫苗的人群激增。當他宣布目標時,拜登承認這只是第一步。

While setting a national vaccination goal may have been useful for trying to drum up enthusiasm for the shots, 70% of Americans getting one shot was never going to be enough to prevent surges among unvaccinated groups. And when he announced the goal, Biden acknowledged it was just a first step.


是社區中的疫苗接種水平 - 而不是廣泛的全國平均水平 - 可以減緩爆發或使其蓬勃發展。

It’s the level of vaccinations in a community — not a broad national average — that can slow an outbreak or allow it to flourish.


南部一些州的疫苗接種率遠低於新英格蘭。佛蒙特州已為近 78% 的成年人完全接種了疫苗。阿拉巴馬州剛剛破解了 43%。

Vaccination rates in some Southern states are far lower than they are New England. Vermont has fully inoculated nearly 78% of its adult population. Alabama has just cracked 43%.



佛羅里達州勞德代爾堡的美聯社作家 Kelli Kennedy、南卡羅來納州哥倫比亞的 Michelle Liu 和北卡羅來納州羅利的 Gary Robertson 為本報告做出了貢獻。

Associated Press writers Kelli Kennedy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Michelle Liu in Columbia, South Carolina, and Gary Robertson in Raleigh, North Carolina, contributed to this report.